This user script has been published on for near one year, which is made to prohibit click-tracking and prevent redirection in the Google search results. I'm very surprised by so many downloads in, about 6,805 times. I think many people really need this function provided by this script. So I have decided to update it since last update about three months ago.

What and Why

You can read this blog “Block Google from Click Tracking Web Search Results” for more information about "what is click-tracking and how it track user click event".

Sometimes click-tracking and URL redirection are very annoying, especially when Google is not well accessible for some reason. In this case, we need a method to remove this, so we can directly visit the original site URL rather than indirectly through Google.

Support and Feedback

Because of some technical reasons, the previous versions didn't support very well when Instant Search is on. And the Google search URLs were not listed completely in the @include metablock of UserScript. Now this script support both instant on and instant off search, and I added the missing URLs in the @include. You can add your favorite Google search URLs as you like.

I have change some information (like @namespace) in the metadata block of this script, so you'd better to re-install it (remove old one and then install the new). If you have any other questions or problems, contact me with the email listed in right-top of this page or just leave a comment in this post. I will reply as soon as possible.

Another thing I have to mention here is that I haven't test this script in Google Chrome, but I guess it will work well as expected. It will help me do better if someone could give me a test report in Chrome (Firefox also). As of version 0.8.3, this script support both chrome and firefox.

Any problem or feedback:


Plugin hints:
Remove Google Redirection Hints

Original web url:
Show original web url


Safari: Remove Google Redirection for Safari

Google Chrome: Remove Google Redirection for Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox: Remove Google Redirection for Mozilla Firefox

Other Browsers(.user.js):Remove Google Redirection for Greasemonkey


version 1.1.0 26/04/2014

  1. Work again after google changes
  2. Support image search

version 1.0.0 11/08/2013

  1. Add safari extension
  2. Add chrome extension

version 0.9.2 04/02/2012

  1. Override google search setting, open results in new tab.
  2. Improve performance when instance search is enabled.

version 0.9.0 03/02/2012

  1. Open image in new tab.
  2. Print status log in console only.
  3. Remove redirection url in right-hand sidebar.

version 0.8.5 18/03/2012

  1. Restore image URLs in the search resutls.

version 0.8.3 02/03/2012

  1. Support Google Chrome now.
  2. Fix a bug that the function $ throw exception in chrome.

version 0.8.1 29/02/2012

  1. Support Instant search now.
  2. Add log information under the search input box.
  3. Add auto update function.
  4. Use document.querySelectorAll to find links instead of XPath.
  5. Refactor code, more efficient.

version 0.6 13/03/2011

  1. Code optimization.
  2. Fix a but in Google Instant with "show more results from .."

version 0.5 12/03/2011

  1. Fix a bug with "Show more result from .."

version 0.4 12/03/2011

  1. More accurate and faster to find links that needed to be processed by using XPath.
  2. Optimize code structure.

version 0.3 09/03/2011

  1. Add event listener to "hashchange" instead of "DOMAttrModified".
  2. Add Google Group search support.

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  1. Hehehe's avatar
    Hehehe 发表于 2019-08-15 1:17:40 回复 #1

    google chrome好像已经失效了
    Chrome version: 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    OS version: windows 7 sp1 64bit

  2. AMZ's avatar
    AMZ 发表于 2017-12-01 3:01:58 回复 #2

    Is included in the list of country specific Google sites on which Google Redirection is removed?

    Thank you!

    • kodango's avatar
      发表于 2018-01-21 2:51:55 回复

      @AMZ:Included if you use chrome or Firefox, but safari not